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Winter Decor Ideas That Will Elevate Your Pahlisch Home This Season

People tend to spend more time indoors during the cold, blustery winter months. This is why it’s more important than ever for your home to be a source of comfort and joy. These winter decor ideas put a twist on the traditional with suggestions for mixing, matching, and making them your own. 

Dress Up Your Pahlisch Home With These Winter Decor Ideas

As Pacific Northwest home builders, we draw inspiration from the natural beauty surrounding us. That’s why our homes proudly feature northwest-inspired architecture and finishes while Pahlisch communities celebrate our connection to nature. No matter which Pahlisch community you call home, these winter decor ideas will help you embrace the season!

Inspired By Nature 

Fall and winter days in the PNW are pure magic. Think about the woodsy, moody introspection of a snowy hike or the light tap of rain on the roof. Likewise, nature-inspired winter decor ideas evoke mountain living charm and prominently feature materials you might find right outside your front door. 

Add a tea-light log to your dining room table, put pinecones on charming display in glass vases, or twine pine garlands around staircase banisters. For a more subtle touch, try adding delicate snowflake patterns to your napkin holders or using woodgrain wrapping paper for presents under the tree. Need some fresh inspiration? Just step outside and see what the PNW has to offer. 

Streamlined Scandi-Style 

The Scandinavian style is a popular design trend that spans genres and seasons. Regardless of the season, the approach is clean and minimalistic. But, because Scandinavian countries have harsh winters, the winter decor is functional, cozy, and warm. Some ideas to bring the Scandi-style to your home this winter include chunky knit or faux fur blankets, decorative paper or wooden stars (artfully hung from the ceiling or a window), and plenty of glowing candles throughout (flame or LED). When in doubt, play with neutral tones, natural accents (like pine sprigs or holly), and classic shapes. 

Pattern Play 

When it comes to pattern play, start with the neutral base principle and build from there. For a colorful, cozy approach, your winter decor should add layers, nuance, and texture. Popular Oregon and Washington patterns include iconic picks from Pendleton, like Wyeth Trail, Chief Joseph, and Yakima Camp. Incorporate patterns with pillows, blankets, table runners, bedding, and seasonal bathroom towels. 

Another northwest-inspired staple for winter decor is plaid or checkered patterns. The fun of pattern play is that you can make additions as small (think: napkins) or as big (think: rugs) as you like. You can even incorporate the patterns outside with artful additions like a sweater wreath

Nuanced Neutrals 

The trick to having neutral winter decor is to make it interesting with textures and layers. Luxe winter neutrals keep rooms simple and sophisticated. They also bring a glowing warmth that’s offset with seasonal greenery and lights. To pull this style off, we suggest choosing base colors like cream, beige, and white and building in textures with subtle metallics and natural accents, like woven baskets and woodgrain. 

Find unique neutral pieces that fit your holiday theme, like candles, ornaments, tree rugs, and more. Opt for matching wrapped gifts with brown paper, red ribbon, and pine sprigs to keep the look seamless. Another great addition to nuanced neutrals is clear glass vases filled with candles, fairy lights, or even baby’s breath (to mimic the softness of new snow). 


Lastly, it’s a bit of an oxymoron, but modernized vintage is a popular trend that’s made its way into this season’s most exciting winter decor ideas. Think classic patterns like chevrons and candy stripes or pastel colors like pinks, greens, and oranges. The trick is paying homage to vintage styles with modern twists and integrations. 

This could manifest as a display of framed vintage Christmas albums (like this one at number 7) or stylized art of local favorites (Mt. Bachelor or Mt. Rainier, for example). Or it could be a display of vintage-inspired (but recently purchased) mixing bowls in the kitchen. It could even display your grandma’s vintage decor as accent pieces in an otherwise neutral setting. 

Winter Decor Ideas For Every Room Of Your Pahlisch Home

Pahlisch’s award-winning floor plans are notable for their open concepts, strategic use of square footage, and unique features. While our most popular floor plans inspired these ideas, we know the creative possibilities are endless for our homeowners. 

Great Room: Many of our floor plans include spacious great rooms with coffered or vaulted ceilings. They also feature beautiful gas fireplaces with stylish built-ins. The great room is a natural gathering space for many and the perfect place to incorporate winter decor ideas. Consider draping the mantle with pine garlands and fairy lights or taking advantage of the vaulted ceilings by using this space for your holiday tree. 

Dining Room: Whether your Pahlisch floor plan has a dedicated dining room or a dining nook, this is an excellent opportunity to play with northwest-inspired holiday table settings! Bring your holiday decor concepts together with flair pieces, like custom table runners or centerpieces. Add a winter-inspired centerpiece for cozy family dinners all winter long.

Guest Room: Make sure guests can get into the holiday spirit by adding a winter decor touch to the guest room. Seasonal duvet covers, throw blankets, foliage arrangements, and candles can elevate any sleeping space. For inspiration, we love this collection from Pottery Barn

Flex Space: The flex space featured in many of our floor plans is likely one of your most used rooms—and the most versatile. During the winter season, turn this space into a cozy at-home movie theater with string lights, entertainment set up, and plenty of cozy cushions and pillows. Or, create a makeshift workspace for gift wrapping and holiday staging, complete with all the supplies. However you use the space, the goal is to bring winter cheer throughout your home.

Gourmet Kitchen: With most outdoor activities on hiatus until spring, this is the perfect season to take advantage of your home’s gourmet kitchen. Whether you’re whipping up a holiday feast or trying out the family caramel recipe, it’s best to keep the kitchen an uncluttered workspace. Try minimalist decorations, like holiday-themed dish towels or vintage-inspired mini trees on the island.

Winter Decor Ideas and More With Pahlisch

Winter in the Pacific Northwest is a special time full of natural beauty and opportunities to connect with your community. We hope you’re inspired by these winter decor ideas that will keep your home comfortable and chic all season long. 

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