Pahlisch Homes Inc. believes in the idea of protecting our homeowners investment and to ensure that living in a Pahlisch Homes community will bring lasting value. It is part of our Balanced Living approach to building. Continue to read through a detailed description or why we believe in managed communities and the benefits that it brings to the homeowners and the larger community.


  • Managed Communities contain attractive features such as large open green spaces, playgrounds, pools, clubhouses, private streets, and appealing lot layouts.
  • Managed Communities contain homes with a cohesive look and appearance, complementary color schemes and are better maintained than many non-managed communities.


  • Managed Communities are more desired by home buyers because they know that they will have fewer issues with surrounding homeowners. They appreciate the guidelines that exist and are enforced, keeping their neighborhood an aesthetically pleasing place to come home to.
  • The common amenities contained within Managed Communities attract homebuyers who prefer to walk to them instead of driving to public parks and facilities.
  • The common amenities promote good neighbors and build friendship more easily than at public parks and facilities.


  • Managed Communities are supported by the Oregon Planned Communities Act.
  • The recorded CC&R’s and Bylaws, in accordance with the Oregon state statues, provide the basis by which the Managed Communities Associations are to be run.
  • Managed Communities are required to have a Maintenance Plan and Reserve Study in place for common amenities owned by the Association. They are required to have a Reserve Fund with annual assessments as needed to insures that funding for repairs and improvements, when required, will be available.
  • Managed Communities have the ability to obtain loans to handle expenses that the Reserve Fund are insufficient to handle without the necessity of a large special assessment to the owners that could prove to be an economic burden or one that they will not be able to pay.
  • Managed Communities have collection resources from the owners to help insure that all owners are paying the assessments necessary to pay the association’s expenses.
  • Managed Community Associations are perpetual and cannot be dissolved while the Association owns property.
  • Managed Community Associations are the preferred owner of common area property instead of having an equal ownership by individual property owners. The Association’s governing documents allow for the maintenance and collection of assessment for that maintenance on the property owned, and they have the legal support to do so. Equal shares ownership of common area property does not have that benefit, or if it does have some language addressing it, can be more burdensome to try to enforce.


  • Owners within Managed Communities are more inclined to first call their Association to help with neighbor issues instead of contacting police, code enforcement or animal control.
  • The private facilities contained within Managed Communities lessen the burden of community Parks and Recreation Districts to provide services.
  • The private streets and detention facilities within Managed Communities less the burden of community Public Works divisions for water management, street maintenance and snow removal.
  • The services provided for privately owned amenities within Managed Communities are performed by private sector vendors thereby promoting jobs and economic growth for the community.


  • Properties within Managed Communities usually retain their property values over other neighborhoods that are non-managed.
  • The higher property values within Managed Communities provide additional property tax assessment revenue for local governments.


  • Community Association Management Companies assist the Managed Communities by providing the expertise and knowledge that Association volunteer board members may not have.
  • Owners within a Managed Community are more likely to volunteer their time and efforts when a Community Association Management Company has been hired by the Association, because the time commitments become minimal, they are saved from handling uncomfortable situations directly with their neighbors, and they don’t have to feel burdened with making sure repairs and maintenance are handled.
  • Managed Communities hire Community Association Management Companies to create the Association budgets, assessments, billing, expense payment, coordinate income tax return preparation, order insurance, oversee the maintenance and repair of common areas, handle compliance violations, answer member questions, order Reserve Studies, communicate with members, help to insure Association is compliant with city, county, state and federal regulations, handle requests for property modifications by individual owners and facilitate all Association board meeting notices, agendas, and meeting minutes.


  • Create strong CC&R’s and Bylaws. When building a neighborhood community, the team at Pahlisch Homes knows that having a strong and relevant set of CC&Rs and Bylaws is a crucial foundation to the success of the community Owners Association. They insure the creation of new, or amended if currently existing, CC&Rs and Bylaws that incorporate all the maintenance needs for the community as well as all the latest state statutes. The resulting CC&Rs and Bylaws are ones that owners will be able to utilize with ease in the management of the community after build out.
  • Implement good management. The Pahlisch Team then sets up a board of directors and a management company for the Association that directs the business of the Association in the manner it needs to operate after build out occurs. They implement the procurement of insurance policies, state registrations, reserve studies, tax returns, maintenance bids, annual budgets and accounting. At the time that owners take management of the Association, all items are in place so that the owners may seamlessly step in and assume control.
  • By utilizing this process, it provides for a seamless transition of management, and provides ease for the owners when turnover occurs.
  • Proven success. Historically, the communities created by the team at Pahlisch Homes have continued to be well run and managed communities through to today. Their homeowners are pleased with the management style set in place, transition was easy, and property values continued to be high. Reserves are fully funded each year as required by law and no deficit or special reserves have been required in those communities.
  • The information in this section was provided by Crystal Lake Property Management, a valued partner of Pahlisch Homes and current management company for several of the Pahlisch Homes communities. For more information regarding Crystal Lake Property Management, please visit their web site at