Homeowner Care

At Pahlisch Homes, we believe that customer reviews are vital to success in today’s market. We firmly believe that all reviews, positive or critical, provide opportunities for a company to learn. We offer all of our potential customers a level of transparency that helps build credibility and confidence when we build and support new homes in Bend, Oregon and beyond.

Avid Ratings, an independent customer experience company, conducts surveys from all of our homeowners. They are dedicated exclusively to serving the home building industry to provide reliable information to people looking for new homes. Their surveys rate the total home buying experience with continued evaluation of products and services over time. All of this information goes in to provide an overall rating that can be compared to other builders across the country.

Our reputation as a quality home builder in the Northwest shows that while we understand that perfection isn’t possible, the pursuit of it is our responsibility to our homeowners. We continue to better our processes and products based on the feedback that these surveys reveal. We encourage you to check us out and to talk with a Pahlisch Homes Sales Professional if you have any questions regarding new homes in Bend, Oregon and beyond or about our neighborhoods.

home maintenance videos

maintenance checklist

Spending a few hours every now and then conducting a home maintenance inspection will save time and money while maintaining your property value. You will be able to identify minor issues and address them before they turn into major repairs. Grab a notebook and take a walk around your house with the suggested checklist below. Although this list is not extensive it is the basics to get you started.

home maintenance checklist

emergency CONTACTS

If you have an emergency condition with your home that presents an imminent danger of harm to persons or damage to property, contact emergency service personnel (e.g., fire department) or the relevant utility provider (e.g., gas company, electricity company, etc.) immediately.

If you need help determining whether you have an emergency, please contact the Pahlisch Homes Homeowner Care team. Our team is available 24/7 at (855) 446-6763.

For non-emergencies, please email us at warranty@pahlischhomes.com.