Washington State Model Home Visits By Appointment Only.

Homeowner Care

Our reputation as a quality home builder in the Pacific Northwest, we understand that the pursuit of perfection is our responsibility to our homeowners. At Pahlisch Homes, we continue to better our processes and products based on the feedback that we receive. We encourage you to reach out with any warranty questions or concerns.

home maintenance videos

maintenance checklist

Spending a few hours every now and then conducting a home maintenance inspection will save time and money while maintaining your property value. You will be able to identify minor issues and address them before they turn into major repairs. Grab a notebook and take a walk around your house with the suggested checklist below. Although this list is not extensive it is the basics to get you started.

home maintenance checklist

emergency CONTACTS

If you have an emergency condition with your home that presents an imminent danger of harm to persons or damage to property, contact emergency service personnel (e.g., fire department) or the relevant utility provider (e.g., gas company, electricity company, etc.) immediately.

If you need help determining whether you have an emergency, please contact the Pahlisch Homes Homeowner Care team. Our team is available 24/7 at (855) 446-6763.

For non-emergencies, please email us at warranty@pahlisch.com.