Aug 2, 2021

About our Pahlisch Grows Initiative

Since we started building in 1983, Pahlisch Homes has been giving back to the communities where we live, work, and play. Over those four decades, we’ve been designing accessible green spaces, planting back trees, and partnering to preserve natural habitats and recreation areas. Every effort is rooted in cultivating stronger communities. This is why we created our Pahlisch Grows initiative.

Pahlisch Grows Initiative

Pahlisch Grows supports the organizations and volunteers that keep Oregon and Washington flourishing. This initiative provides financial donations and replanting of local trees to preserve natural habitats and grow stronger communities.

When we build a community of homes, we carry with us a tremendous sense of responsibility to be a good steward of the land and the natural environment. Our intention is to honor shared spaces. That is where community is created. This is a core part of how we build communities and we do this by:

● Incorporating generous gathering spots such as great rooms, kitchens, and covered patios and porches in each home we build.
● Including green spaces, trails, parks, and paths for exploring, restoring, and being together in our community designs
● Forging partnerships for promoting public use of private lands, so natural spaces are accessible to everyone in the cities and regions where we work.

Reducing our Impact by Giving Back

We know home building impacts the natural environment. Pahlisch always strives to minimize that impact while ensuring that we prevent long-term hazards and safety risks while still adhering to building, zoning, and environmental codes.

We also do everything we can to offset these unavoidable impacts through replanting activities throughout the region and by providing financial support to local partners in environmental preservation.

Our Pahlisch Grows Initiative Pledge

This year alone, Pahlisch Homes will replant 700 native trees in the Northwest. We are also donating $50,000 to local partners whose main initiative aligns with the Pahlisch Grows intention to preserve shared spaces and keep our forests healthy.

As the recipients of these funds, we have selected two outstanding organizations: Cascade Volunteers and Deschutes Land Trust. Cascade Volunteers is a nonprofit friends group of the Willamette National Forest. They work to connect individuals and communities to the Willamette National Forest and adjacent public lands through programs, stewardship, and education. Cascade Volunteers is focused on replanting the Willamette National Forest following the devastating wildfires in 2020. Our donation will help them rebuild their seedling greenhouse, allowing them to source, grow and replant native species locally. By reestablishing a local, sustainable mechanism for growing saplings, Cascade Volunteers can trust that their important work will withstand any seedling shortages that may occur, such as after wildfire season when multiple entities are vying for them.

Deschutes Land Trust is dedicated to conserving and caring for the lands and waters that sustain Central Oregon. The organization is made up of families, businesses, owners, hikers, hunters, and neighbors, all who share a passion for the outdoors and the protection of natural spaces, including local private land open for public use, trails, paths, and more.

Through financial support from Deschutes Land Trust, the Pahlisch Grows initiative is helping native plant communities grow and thrive, protecting land that wildlife call home, connecting the community to the natural world by providing places where we can all spend time outside and be rejuvenated by nature.

Our Commitment

From the moment we take on a project, we consider the many ways we can exceed expectations.

We don’t make houses, we build homes, after all. We don’t create neighborhoods, we create communities. And when it comes to the land on which we build, we take the effects to heart.

We will always go above and beyond to preserve, honor, and create shared spaces, not only in our homes, but in our communities, in our cities, and throughout our region. Through the Pahlisch Grows initiative, we are replanting trees throughout Oregon and Washington, and making a difference by supporting our partners in the preservation of shared spaces and forested land.

Now, and always, this will be our commitment.

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