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Which Bestselling Pahlisch Surface Package is Right For You?

Designing a home that reflects you and your lifestyle is an exciting process. Some people dream about their home interior for years, dedicating entire Pinterest boards to even the most minute design elements. At Pahlisch, we love this process as much as the next home enthusiast. That’s why we’ve developed dreamy surface packages to help homeowners lay the foundation for their dream home aesthetic. Out of all our surface packages, four rise above the rest as current bestsellers amongst our homeowners. 

But First, What Is A Pahlisch Surface Package?

With the help of industry-leading designers, we’ve created beautiful selections of matching flooring, countertops, and backsplash tiles. These collections create the perfect foundation for our clients’ unique interior design styles. Surface packages make the process of designing a home interior stress-free and exciting. With a Pahlisch design package, customers can highlight their particular style with proven materials that last a lifetime. 

Discover Pahlisch’s Most Popular Surface Packages

We work with the best home designers in the PNW to develop timeless, minimalistic collections that prolong the quality and value of the home. Featuring warm rustic tones, cool greys, whites, or contrasting tones of light and dark, you’re sure to find a favorite amongst The Classic Collection— our bestselling Pahlisch surface packages.

The Classic Collection 1

The first surface package in the collection offers the perfect blend of warmer grey tones. With various elegant and understated textures to play off, customers will have no problem matching furniture and home decor when they move in. 

The kitchen backsplash features grey matte ceramic picket tiles from Bedrosians. These tiles are a popular choice because of their classic look—one that’s slightly more elevated from your typical subway tile. They also look stunning next to the lighter quartz countertops and the grey composite wood flooring. 

In the bathroom, a taupe herringbone mosaic of micro crystal stone from Surface Art gives texture and pattern without overpowering the smaller space. In a smaller area, like a bathroom backsplash, the “micro” size of the tiles ensures that you can appreciate more of the pattern.

This surface package can pair well with nautical design themes or more natural styles that utilize concrete and other textures, like the increasingly popular Japandi style. This timeless set brings clean, bright design elements to your Pahlisch home.   

The Classic Collection 2

The Classic Collection 2 offers a chic, minimalistic look with more white surfaces and delicate oak-toned flooring for a slightly warmer and brighter feel.

Because of the gloomy PNW weather, we often see homeowners selecting light and bright surfaces. This croft oak fawn flooring from Tri-West is the perfect combo of lighter beige and warm greys, so it compliments a wide range of décor while keeping the space feeling bright.

To keep the kitchen simple, our designers opted for white gloss subway tile from Bedrosians for the backsplash. As our most popular item, this tile takes a classic look and elevates it. Variations and imperfect edges lend this ceramic tile a high-end, handmade feel. The tile, an Oro matte glazed porcelain from Contessa, looks like marble with its crisp white background and subtle gold veining.  

The Classic Collection 2, with its timeless elegance, is an ideal option for fans of minimalist aesthetics like urban modern.       

The Classic Collection 3

The warmest of all the Classic Collections, this Pahlisch surface package incorporates more color into the home’s foundational design elements.

To start, the wood composite flooring from Elijah takes a direction we’ve seen a lot of homeowners go—medium, honey tones with variation within the planks and gorgeous knots that add great texture to your space. This pairs stunningly with the kitchen’s light, glossy backsplash and quartz countertop.

In the bathroom, an elegant hexagon mosaic backsplash from MSI features a collection of muted greys, browns, and beiges for a hint of extra color. Natural stone will never go out of style. That’s why this addition is a great selection that may even increase the value of your home. 

With warm, bright tones and a hint of color, this collection is perfect for a modern farmhouse look or a bohemian chic feel.

The Classic Collection 5

Of all the sets, Collection 5 offers the deepest contrast in colors. This set gives a different perspective on a color palette by adding darker shades throughout the house. But don’t worry, there are still plenty of light accents to keep your space beaming with brightness!

The star of this set is the coastal grey quartz countertop from Pental. While all-white kitchens have been a hit for a while, this moody, stormy grey countertop will make your kitchen stand out amongst the rest. These grey tones will look sharp with the black hardware trends found in industrial design themes or contrasting natural textures and materials in Scandinavian design. 

See Pahlisch Surface Packages Come to Life

So, which of our beautiful Pahlisch surface packages would you choose for your home? Whether you prefer something bright and airy or a more moody feel, all of our collections are meticulously curated, so you don’t have to sweat the details.

Are you looking for more information on our packages? You can reach out to our New Home Specialists today to see these packages in a model home. And if you’re in the market to buy, our website is a great place to browse available homes

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