Pahlisch Homes Avid Ratings

Pahlisch Homes believes that customer reviews are vital for success in today’s market. Traditional logic says that good reviews equal more business, while bad ones drive customers away. Contrary to that old belief is the reality that all reviews provide opportunities for a company to benefit and for potential customers to see a level of transparency that helps build credibility and confidence.

Avid Ratings, an independent customer experience company, conducts surveys from all of our homeowners. They are dedicated exclusively to serving the home building industry in order to provide reliable information for people looking for new homes. Their surveys rate the total home buying experience along with continued evaluation of products and services over time. All of this information goes in to provide an overall rating that can be compared to other builders through the country and region.

Our reputation as a quality new home builder in the Northwest simply means that we understand that perfection isn’t possible but the pursuit of it is our responsibility to our homeowners. We will continue to look for better processes and products based on the feedback that these surveys reveal. We encourage you to check us out and to talk with a Pahlisch Homes Sales Professional if you have any questions.

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