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At Pahlisch Homes, we build our communities with the future in mind. Through our Pahlisch Grows community initiative, we’re taking steps to support the organizations and volunteers that keep Oregon and Washington flourishing. Whether we’re planting back trees, working with our partners to preserve natural habitats and recreation areas, or designing accessible community green spaces, our efforts are rooted in growing stronger communities.

Growing Responsibility

We believe that nature and urban development should be mutually beneficial, not mutually exclusive. That’s why we leave no stone unturned when designing our master-planned communities. Our teams work closely with local experts, including City and County Planners, City Parks Departments, and other local non-profit groups dedicated to responsible land use. Together, we consider everything—from how to safely manage traffic flow to ensuring local trails, wilderness areas, and parks are still protected and easily accessible.

Putting Trees Back in Our Communities

For us, it’s personal. That’s because we don’t just build master-planned communities across Oregon and Washington; our communities are also where we’ve lived, worked, and played for generations. Which is why we’re doing our part to ensure the Pacific Northwest is beautiful for generations to come.

How It Works

Each project is different, but the goal is always the same: honoring our shared spaces. We achieve this through our community partnerships. Since we started, we’ve achieved:


Trees planted


Invested in Greener Future

Proactive Partnerships

Pahlisch Grows partners with local organizations whose goals align with our mission to plant back trees, preserve natural habitats, and strategically grow greener communities.

Are you an organization that’s committed to keeping the Pacific Northwest green? Get in touch with us to discuss partnership opportunities!

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